DMX Cables

Cable Factory is a proud supplier of cable assemblies for the music, broadcast, lighting and entertainment industries. We assemble all our products in-house at our factory in Vancouver, Canada. Our audio assemblies feature Cable Factory’s own Live Link Series cable for robust, high output performance. Our video and network assemblies rely on the highest quality Belden cables and deliver the latest in 4k video and streaming technology. CAT6A flexible etherCON cables and CUL Power Cables are assembled with industry leading Neutrik connectors, ADC BNC, and Cable Factory’s veam-style multi-pin connectors.
Film Cabling

5 Pin DMX

Live Link DMX high flex 2 Pair/22awg 110ohm Cable with Neutrik NC5FX and NC5MX 5 pin XLR connectors
Film Cabling

3 Pin DMX

DMX high flex 1 pair/22awg 110ohm cable with Neutrik NC3FX and NC3MX 3 pin XLR connectors