Cable Factory manufactures their EtherCON network and 4K/HD-SDI video cables with industry leader Belden

Pro Audio has adopted digital consoles to replace analog consoles which now require reliable, accurate and rugged EtherCON cables for data transmission. Cable Factory offers two types of network cables in CAT5E and CAT6A featuring Belden’s patented bonded pair technology for the ultimate noise rejection. The bonded pair keeps the twist ratio intact allowing for a flexible cable offering while maintaining accurate data transmission through perfect noise rejection.

As technology advances at a rapid pace, the demand for quality HD video transmission follows suit. Belden is the industry leaders regarding the technology in this area. Belden offers 3 types of flexible video cables to meet consumer demands:

  • Belden 4505R is an industry first 4K video cable featuring a silver conductor for 12GB bandwidth and all SMPTE standards for transmitting 4K UHD video
  • Belden 1694F RG6 HD-SDI cable for longer runs over 200ft
  • Belden 1505F RG59 HD-SDI cable that offers runs under 200ft

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